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In aboriginal societies the center pole represented the center of the universe. Other names given to this representation have been the World Tree, the Pole Star, the Cross, Mount Meru, the Axis Mundi and many more. It is at these symbolic points that all worlds-- spiritual and physical-- are aligned and attuned. Within this “sacred space” a portal through the dimensions was accessible, allowing an individual glimpses of the omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient nature of the all pervading spiritual world. Through this spiritual central axis, all worlds could be experienced. The fortunate individuals who found these portals were called Rishis, Gurus, Prophets, Buddhas, Christs, Sages and Shamans.

The Center Pole is the adopted name of this organization which is dedicated to the spiritual ways of our ancestors. Our practices center around soul illumination and healing the individual, the group and the planet from soul fragmentation and loss of spiritual power.


Our Vision

We heal ourselves so that we can love more. To reside within the experience of Love, which is generated out of our own hearts, is the potential and culmination of the human experience. Only within love can we fully realize the source of our suffering which manifests as anxieties, frustrations, attachments and aversions. It is my firm belief that all our suffering comes from not being rooted in our open hearts. I say “open” hearts because our hearts are not the end goal of our focus. The heart must be our “portal” into our soul, for only in our soul can we see beyond the egocentricities that bind us. Our identification with our thoughts, emotions and physical circumstances bind us into finiteness, into the temporary existence which ultimately frustrates and deludes us. We become segmented, fragmented, analytical, opinionated, narrow, judgmental, neurotic, psychotic, obsessive, compulsive, greedy, democrat, republican. We don’t become stable, open, kind, understanding, compassionate, worthy, wise, loving, creative, powerful, ecstatic!

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Pilgrimage to Nepal

with Greg Besek
and Larry Peters, PHD.

The word “shaman” comes from the Tunsic speaking people of Siberia and it means “to heat”. Heat is related to fire and the use of fire is to purify. Therefore, shamanism is a practice in which we purify ourselves through our own efforts and with the help of others. An individual who is called a Shaman is one who is adept at doing this transformational work with others because they have already done it themselves with the help of others. A Shaman gains their power, compassion, stability, wisdom and understanding through their own determination and years upon years of spiritual practices -- not through weekend workshops.

The use of shamanism is essential in the beginning of the purification process of each individual but it is not the only process. Shamanism directs individuals into the awareness of their own fragmented psyches to help reweave them into a healthy and stable condition. Physical wounds and disease are seen as a result of a spiritual condition. They are not punishments from God but a condition in the purification process.T hrough means of extraction healing, soul retrieval, divination and personal therapy, shamans help escort wounded individuals into the realm of the sacred, where nothing needs to be proven or can be avoided and where all healing takes place. The aspect of helping to bring a living being into a state of equanimity and open to the spiritual process of illumination is the work of a shaman.

From equanimity, where the psyche is woven into strength, and wisdom and knowledge are flowing, the emphasis comes to the individuals effort for their illumination of their hearts by their own souls. Our thoughts move our emotions, our emotions move our hearts, our hearts move our souls and our souls open to the Great Mystery. Love will always connect us; the ego will forever divide. Those who have walked the way of the shaman will verify that we are never alone and that teachers, guides, mentors and all living beings surround us, nurture us, lead us, love us. We are never abandoned and we are wealthy beyond means because our wealth does not come from means. It comes from our individual experience of a universal power that pervades all things seen and unseen. For where is God not?

Our vision is simply to help those who ask for help.


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