The Bodhi Tree

Spiritual Exploration for the Serious yet Joyful Practitioners

Saturday August 10, 2019 — REGISTER TODAY!

Founded and operated by me, Gregory Besek, The Center Pole has been “Keeping Ancient Shamanic Traditions Alive” since 1994, to help to increase spiritual focus, compassion and insight.  My long-held dream to create a physical space in which to practice, meditate, study & share within spiritual community has finally come to fruition.  The Center Pole joyfully announces the opening of The Bodhi Tree.
The Bodhi Tree is a place to explore and expand all forms of spiritual practices including Core and Multi-cultural Shamanism, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim and Christian Meditations and Practices, and to provide Support Groups, Meditation Retreats, Dharma Talks, and Satsang.
There is an old Hindu proverb that says; “if you keep the company of thieves, you will become a thief.  If you keep the company of Saints, you will become a Saint.”  The Bodhi Tree’s sole purpose is to help those who feel the yearning to explore the paths of shamans, saints, and bodhisattvas or to simply be a source of pure love and compassion in the world
Will you join me?