Ritual Drumming CD

Ritual Drumming for the Shamanic Journey

After 25 years of being sold around the world, this C.D.  continues to be one of the favorites for shamanic practitioners and energy workers everywhere.  Each of its four tracks are specifically formatted for a precise level of shamanic endeavors making it an invaluable tool for your shamanic needs.

Track one, “Calling in the Spirits” The act of calling in the spirits is a heartfelt prayer by the shaman to awaken their own guileless heart, those of all sentient beings and the all-pervading spirits. It must be done with full conviction and humility and is the foundation of all spiritual work.

Track two “Solo Drumming” Unencumbered, the solo drumming is perfect for those just beginning their journey work or for anyone who just loves the beautiful song of the drum alone.

Track three, “Drumming and Rock Grinding” For deep journey work. Over laying the grinding of the rocks to the drum will “grind the world to a halt” and take you to the deepest of levels.

Track four, “Drumming, Bells and Rattles” When added attention is essential, especially for ritual healing sessions and divination, the bells and rattles will help keep you focused and alert, in betwixt and in between the worlds.

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