Spiritual Mentoring

spiritual-mentoringWith 45 years of rigorous spiritual discipline and study, The Center Pole, through its founder Gregory Besek, offers individual and group spiritual mentoring. For those who are just getting onto the spiritual path or those that have been on it throughout their life time, at some point, every path needs mentoring. For over 43 years, Greg has mentored Priests, Rabbi’s, Ministers, shamans, diviners, doctors, nurses and lay people of all ages. The only prerequisite is: “the deep and unfathomable calling to spiritual life”.

Mentoring has three stages:

1. The Revelation; Who am I?
Within the heart of every being lies the answer to our most earnest and essential question, “who am I?” We begin to seek and to accumulate our own spiritual vision and an understanding of the individual self within the universal being. This is our first step; to have our feet hit solid ground to create our foundation for spiritual development. Each person begins in a different place and ends in their own original nature, different and yet the same as everyone else.

2. The Dismemberment; Cutting away what we are not.
This is our internal work that challenges us day in and day out; moving us through our fragmented mind to a wholeness of life by:

  1. Learning to stay within a spiritual focus,
  2. Learning techniques of concentration and meditation leading to absorption.
  3. Conducting self-analysis
  4. Incorporating the use of the “Language of Internal Light” (visual mind excursions)
    Every path is varied as every river starts in its own ravine however every river eventually merges in the vastness of the great ocean.

3. Rememberment; Expressions of the true self
Through our writing, speaking, singing, dancing, healing and all artist forms, we learn our own expressions without the intrusions of doubt, fear and anxiety. We must stand upright and whole without distortions or intrusions. We express a clarity of a combined heart/mind that is at once completely stable yet forever moving. This is our birthright; it is what we have been looking for within the world but find that it only dwells from deep within our own being. Like a song that does not end; as a bird in spring, it sings with complete and unbridled joy for all to hear.

A fragmented and distorted being does not do much good for themselves nor the world around them for they exist to serve themselves. However, someone that is whole minded, whole hearted, becomes a great service to all beings for they learn to serve the world.

Individual mentoring is tailor made to each person no matter what religion or spiritual outlook for truths are not owned by religious structures.

Group mentoring is more general to the group at large.

Please contact me for further information at: thecenterpole@aol.com. Phone 860 552-9095