The Art of Meditation


The Art of Meditation is The Art of Life

What we focus upon, we become! A carpenter will automatically fix his gaze on wood, a dancer will naturally be aware of movement, a musician will listen for sounds and a thief will always look at pockets. Only a wise one can look within the hearts of others because they have steadfastly looked within their own. They know these infinite realms intimately, inside and out, because they have put in the time to question, doubt and ultimately experience the source of all that is.

Meditation is the Art Form of Life. It is in the discovery of an internal portal that lies between the inner and outer world that we find our balance between the physical and spiritual worlds. And it is within the experience of this portal that we discover that both inner and outer worlds are actually one.

Through using the natural pathways of the senses, we learn to enter the five energy streams that lead us to this portal. We then will begin the path that will end our personal confusion and suffering. Our only concern is to live within this portal through continued focus and steadfast determination.


Module Two: Inner Seeing

Meditation on Light brings forth the self-created dreamscapes of past and future events. With continued focus, we allow any visions not based in wise insight to melt back into the natural source of clear light.

Module Three: Inner Hearing

Concentration on sound reveals the mind’s inner chatter; however continued focus on hearing will bring about a sensitivity to the celestial harmonies always at play within us.

Module Four: Inner Taste and Smell

Called Nectar Meditation, this technique will ground us in the here and now, in the present moment; not good, not bad but within equanimity and non-duality.

Module Five: When All Becomes One

Although our senses appear to be streaming independently, they all originate from the same Source, a singularity from within. We finish the training with further refinement that, with perseverance and devotion, fosters The Artful Life.

Upon these techniques, concentration occurs. When concentration is held, meditation occurs. When mediation is held, samadhi occurs, when samadhi is held, absorption ensues. Within absorption, all is revealed.