The Roots of Divination

Communicating with the Spiritual World!

rootsofdivinationProgram Overview

It can be said that the discovery of the art of divination by our ancestors spawned the birth of shamanism which in turn gave birth to all healing modalities and religions. The Roots of Divination is an expanded exploration into this ancient art form and is presented in a five-module format.

Divination has been defined as a “portal beyond time” that leads us from the profane existence of everyday life into the sacred, which binds alI of life together. It is both an act and also a life process whereby an individual, using their natural capacities, enters into an egoless, compassionate and conscious space to gather information from the spiritual world on behalf of themselves or others. Its purpose is to allow one to see the forces at work in our lives and to shed light on ways to empower or alter those forces.

The root of the word divination is “divine”, suggesting that when we enter communication with other species and/or life forms, that interaction is occurring between the common divine consciousness which resides in all beings. If all beings are sacred and imbued with spirit, and the universe is alive and teeming with spirits on every level, it is unfathomable to think we would attempt to coexist within the world without directly communicating with it. While not all beings are necessarily harmonious with humans, the knowledge of how to interact in their worlds is seen by indigenous cultures as mandatory. On its most expansive levels, Divination is the process that allows each individual to witness and experience that the world is absolutely alive and teeming with spirits!

Module One

We open our work with a close examination of divination, tracing it from its powerful and lifesaving beginnings to its current applications in today’s world. We learn about the mindset necessary to approach and interact within non-ordinary reality, where the spirits dwell and can be experienced and worked with. We learn about creating and holding sacred space as well as the soul’s “journey into sacredness” where this work is done. We begin to build the foundation of a sacred craft that will nurture ourselves and others for the rest of our lives.

Module Two

If everything is alive, it must possess a spirit. During module two, we will explore our connections with the four elements of earth, wind, water and fire which are the primary building blocks of physical reality. Working with the elemental spirits, performing geomancy, aeromancy, hydromancy and pyromancy, we will grow close to earth and understand the intricate balances of nature and all that lives. We will look at what separates Shamans from Sorcerers and how each goes about their work.

Module Three

Module three explores our connection to the plants and trees. These spirits have much to teach us beyond their significant physical capacities. We will open our hearts and minds to these beings, learning their power, wisdom and their songs. We will also spend time contacting and working with the spirit guardians who protect them. Much of what was relegated to myth by the current dominate hierarchy concerning these spirits, was done out of fear and control. We now need to individually reopen these portals so that it is once again possible to live in accord with all that lives.

Module Four

We now explore the webbing between the animal kingdom and ourselves. Although members of the animal kingdom, humans have forgotten much of what has made us powerful. In ancestral times, this power allowed us to not only survive, but to flourish. We will find and work with our personal animal spirit helpers who help us remember what we already know, that which is buried in our cellular memory but which has been lost or forgotten along the way.

Module Five

We conclude our training with an examination of our connection to the heavens. Throughout history, the connection between the earth and the celestial beings, the sun, moon, planets and the zodiac has been understood as essential, and honored. Our past karma causes us to be birthed into a space and time under the influences of these archetypal spirits, who emit a powerful energy. To understand and work with them has always been essential to living a full and powerful life.

The Roots of Divination will provide those sacred and key experiences which are fundamental to
building our personal relationship with the all-pervading consciousness!