The Road to Freedom

Awakening to Spiritual Clarity

roadtofreedomThe Road to Freedom is a path to spiritual congruency were hearts and minds weave together as one. Unified, they express a singularity, a oneness of experience in all things. Within all spiritual and religious traditions there exist universal approaches that lead to knowledge of the authentic self. The Road to Freedom demystifies this approach.

The Road to Freedom is a working spiritual model that has evolved over thousands of years by spiritual seekers everywhere. It is time we all stop looking at what appears to separate us and begin looking into the spaces that bring us together. That sacred space, having no beginning and no end, is the eternal backdrop and energetic potentiality to all of creation.

We use familiar religious stories and principles from well-known texts that, when understood with a mystical eye, will lead us forward winding us inward to our spiritual center. Our endeavor is to reveal the underlying truth of all religions and the internal singular path to the experience of love without cause; a love that exists beyond reason, that is the ultimate power of life itself. If God is Love; we should learn the language.

This training is presented in 3 Modules

Module One


The Path of Wisdom
Right View
The Eight Worldly Concerns
The World of Virtues/Vices

Module Two


The Path of Service
The Three bodies
The Five Senses
Impeccable Integrity
The Sacrifice of the Perceived Self


The Holy Thread
The Weaver
The Circle Maker
The Door of Devotion
Knocking at the Door of the Sacred Heart

Module Three


The Path of Love
Complete Dedication
The Round Dances
Surrendering the Personal
The Path of the Spiritual Heart

Undivided Attention

One-pointed Concentration
Whole Body
Whole Mind
Whole Heart
The Awakening

The path to freedom is only as long as spiritual ignorance prevails