Spiritual Discourse

spiritualdiscourseWhether bearing Witness, giving Testimony, or exchanging Satsang or a Dharma talk, the sincere, heartfelt sharing of personal experience under the umbrella of TRUTH is as sacred as prayer, meditation or service.

Within sacred geometry, the triangle is recognized as the strongest of structures. We can realize this in the way religions are expressed in three’s: the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha; the Father, Son and Holy Spirit; Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva; and many more. These triads represent three levels of energy that dwell within each of us that must be in balance with each other as they come from the same source. It is likened to a three-legged stool; if one leg is missing, the other two cannot maintain a balance.

Spiritual Discourse is seen as one of these legs. It occurs when two or more gather together; it is the verbal expression to the world of what has been realized in silent contemplation and meditation. A flowing out of spiritual insight that can only be attained by doing your own personal self-reflected work.

Spiritual Discourse is not back and forth conversation. It is a combined experience where one individual shares their intuitive knowledge of the truth as the rest of the group listen intently with open hearts and minds. It is not judgmental, but an act of nurturing and compassionate speaking and listening. We learn to support each other in this way and realize that there are threads of beauty and truth inside of every being. For many, spiritual discourse is the highest form of practice. Come and let’s share!