Community Group Meditation

When one and one do not equal two

communitygroupmediationSpiritual life creates an inversion where the inner life takes precedence and the outer life a secondary position. When one eventually sees that the outer life is nothing but a reflection of the inner life, life itself seizes to be a duality but reverts to its original state of a singularity; the two become one.

Only meditation can provide the daily practice of personal surrender keeping the balance of mental and emotional equanimity. Only within the silence found beneath one’s mind can we find the portal to all that is. In the Buddhas own words, “Form is no other than emptiness, emptiness no other than form”.

As birds of a feather flock together, meditators need to be in the grace provided by the focused energy of others, with like mind and heart, meditating together. As my Guru once said concerning the energy of group meditation practice, “One and one do not equal two, it equals eleven”.

Once a month, The Center Pole provides a space where we can come together to spend three hours of meditation as a community to center, guide and energize ourselves to a fuller spiritual life experience.

Each person is free to do their own silent practice of silent mediation and or prayer
as all religious and spiritual affiliations are welcomed and honored.

Please contact us if you are interested email: Phone 860 552-9095