The Mystical Sports Mind

runnerSince 1994

The goal of the athlete is not much different than that of a monk; both must go through hell for the experience of unencumbered freedom and bliss!

Through time tested techniques and ritual, The Mystical Sports Mind helps to train the individual to maximize their inherent abilities that dwell within the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Only when all levels of “power” are activated is it possible to maximize personal athletic potential.

An average athlete sees themselves pitted against their world.

An exceptional athlete sees themselves in harmony with it.


The Rituals

  • Meditation; Essential for a clear and steady mind state.
  • Hypnotherapist; Creating flexible and vivid mindscapes.
  • NLP; For building power and clarity for designated outcomes.
  • Shamanism; Delving deeply into the subtle levels of the subconscious to explore, expand and release human potentials.
  • Shirodhara; For inducing mentally “deep zone” states releasing anxiety and stress from the body and mind.


I was born in the fifties, raised in a small town in Connecticut playing baseball in a cow pasture using cow chips for bases. I went on in high school to be an all- state runner in track while also playing varsity basketball and cross country. After attending Texas Tech University, I left to follow a spiritual path living 8 years as a religious monk. The inner path of life was my calling and since my twenties, I have attempted to apply it to every aspect of life including the extraordinary path of athletics.